Augmented Reality Solution to deliver Digital Experience on Tablets and Kiosks that can be placed at Retail Outlets, Shopping Malls, Airports and Metro Stations​

Digital Reflection

Advanced platform powered by Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence that creates highly engaging Digital experiences enabling engaged selling and buying experience of your products​

Beat the long queues at counter/trial rooms, make the process of shopping for jewellery, clothes or shoes really fun.​

Customers can try as many ornaments as they want, and visualize the ornament in various clothing outfits.​

Recommend the best-fit jewellery based on facial contour of buyer, solution works on deep machine learning technology. ​

Try and buy jewellery at the comfort of your home, augment products through smart phone camera.​

Combine AR and gamification to create exciting experiences, reinforce your brand image and drive more sales.​

Augmented reality in the jewellery retail segment

How can Jewelry chains use Augmented Reality (AR) and Gamification?​


Omni Channel Digital Sales Outlet that can be setup with quick Turnaround time and low Total Cost of Ownership​

Image recognition for digital objects​

Instant gratification such as points, rewards and badges to engage consumers better than with traditional marketing​

AR mobile apps for e-commerce to empower customers try and buy ornaments online.​

Digital Catalogue of products and reduce the requirement for in-store inventory.​

Virtual touch and try-on platforms at Retail Outlets to augment Clothing, Jewellery and Shoes​

Beacons for “near me” stores or coupons/offers​

AI based Machine Learning for Product Recommendation​

Image recognition for digital objects​

Digital Reflection Solution Features​

Customer Relationship Management​

Guided Shopping​

ML and AI based Intelli Suggest​​

Try N Buy​ Wonder Mirror​​​

Snap-Share N Decide​​​

Context Aware Shopping Cart​​​

Context Aware Payment​​

Smart POS​​​


Gesture Based Customer Interface​​​​

Intuitive Search Engine​​​

Unified Content Management Inventory Catalogue​​​​

Buyer Journey​

Digital Mirror – Kiosk at a Shopping mall ​

Digital Mirror on a Tablet​

Augmentation of Necklace​

Augmentation of Earring​​

Digital Mirror on Mobile Phone​​​

Ornament Selection​

Necklace Selection & Preview​

Earrings Selection & Preview​​

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