Delivery Framework


Our team of varied skill set experts work exclusively on your requirement with other stakeholders to build software solutions with a quick turnaround time teamed with an Agile approach.

Strong Project and
Process management

Our project managers act as a focal point for all your project-related needs. Project managers are involved in the entire project lifecycle to plan, organize, control and deploy key milestones.


Our Start-up product development work culture encompasses agile, lean & collaborative projects resulting in effective product scoping, faster delivery & quick to market.

Test Driven

Development process which stresses on tests first. Test Automation & Quality Assurance ensures sustainable code & error-free applications with every release

Continuous Delivery
& Deployment

New features are released constantly. Our processes are geared up for continuous integration and automated delivery ensuring speedy releases.

Flexible Engagement

We offer flexible engagement models to meet diverse needs of customers. Our core focus is on the customer’s innate needs like: fast delivery, low cost, high quality, resource flexibility & support.

Delivery Model

Engagement Model

We offer a full spectrum of engagement options to suit your business needs, to help you enjoy the benefits of external expertise, cost management and risk mitigation.


We recommend project-based engagement model for those who have a one-off/pilot project with well-defined requirements and deliverables. Employing this engagement model, you’ll have your project executed by a full-fledged team at Flintlogic


We offer dedicated team services to extend your in-house development resources. We complete dedicated teams with the required amount of team members, project managers, necessary equipment and infrastructure based on your requirements.


The SLA-driven model is recommended for long-term projects with clearly agreed constraints and requirements. As per terms and conditions decided between you and Flintlogic, we take full responsibility for the complete service management as well as the agreed SLAs


We offer customers a fixed price/fixed scope model when the scope and specifications of the project is reasonably clear. Under this low-risk model, we define expected deliverables and timelines as to settle a mutually agreed fixed price. This pricing model is applicable for Agile projects as well. The scope is broken down into short user stories. We are paid the price based on the story size determined during the planning session upon completion of this story regardless of its size.


We opt for the Time & Material Model as to provide you with greater flexibility that allows you to alter project requirements on an ongoing basis mirroring upcoming market trends. This model is perfect for complex projects with inevitable changes in specification and design. This model envisages payments at an hourly rate, which is agreed upon when the agreement is concluded. The team size may be changed at any time, thus, optimizing the cost and duration of the project


We recommend this option for complex long-lasting projects with clearly identified phases where either time- or milestone-based payment schedules are preferred. As each and every milestone is properly accomplished, the client is expensed either a portion of the whole project expense or simply a pre-defined sum decided upon ahead of the project. This model provides for better progress monitoring and reduces risks associated with large-scale software endeavors.

We Cover The Full cycle Of Software Development

Flintlogic follows Outcome Oriented Partnership Model for Delivery​

Outcome Oriented Partnership Model ensures strategic and long- term alignment. We use CSAT scores as the proxy for fixing financial rewards. We use this approach for both Fixed Price and T&M model. ​

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