Gold and Diamond jewelry company with a legacy of over five decades with close to 100 showrooms located across 72 cities and towns in India. ​

Technology Provided​

  • Augmented Reality​
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows 10 Devices​


Launch – 3 Months​​

Services Delivered​

  • Augmented Reality – B2C​
  • Mobility – B2C​
  • AR Solution Development and Maintenance​

Customer​ Objective​

  • Build an augmented reality (AR) technology platform, which allows customers to virtually try on jewelry on mobile app and retail showrooms. ​​
  • Create a highly engaging and eye-catching Digital experience zone on mobile devices and retail outlets wherein customers can wear virtual ornaments such as Necklace and Earrings by browsing through a digital catalogue.​


  • Created a highly engaging and eye-catching solution for mobile devices and large digital displays called AR Mirror that serves multiple goals such as Digital Catalog of Senco products, Try-It-on functionalities and Digital Promotion and Campaign display.​
  • AI Engine based on holistic and experiential inputs from Senco, prompts auto-suggest products, recommends best-fit ornaments based on facial features of the customer.​

Enhanced customer buying experience and increased the conversions at stores while reducing requirement for in-store inventory to a large extent.​​

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